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Metal Fabrication

The metal fabrication industry, including casting, forging, component manufacturing, and other machine-related processes is in an optimal position for transition and consolidation. Recent market conditions have fostered the rise of mergers and acquisitions within this pillar industry. With soaring merger activity, there is now an increased demand for small companies looking for an acquisition. Small business owners are getting top dollar for shares or complete ownership handoff of their companies.


These metal fabrication companies have seen an overall improvement in profitability, scaling of operations, and better-quality output. Consolidation has proved to be profitable and a way to sustainably grow an increased customer base. Supply chains are also modified in a consolidation. One of the largest areas where business owners realize efficiencies is through the combined buying power and supplier contract renegotiation.

It is widely known that custom fabrication has a high barrier to entry. Our firm has identified that purchasing existing businesses has proven to be both economically and operationally feasible, an advantage motivated small business owners to seek. An acquisition or merger gives both parties a unique view of the processes involved in running each business and opens up new doors for organic growth. AccessHeat will invest in and manage the consolidation of your metal fabrication operation. This often-complex process requires combined experience in both metal fabrication and strategic investment. We will keep the focus on you by documenting your goals and work with you to achieve them. Our world-class investment approach produces the best possible outcome for your business and your legacy.

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