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Consolidate businesses in the technology and energy industry, in service as well as manufacturing. Increase sales, decrease operational expenses and exit successfully within 3-5 years.


With a world-class management team and acquisition capital, AccessHeat (AH) is a uniquely positioned consolidation consortium ready to invest in your tech company. As a tech consolidation firm, we look for organizations that are working to push the limits and move into a space of exponential growth through the blending and reorganization of existing operations of the same business type. Our proven methodology focuses on producing financially robust outcomes for all parties involved in the consolidation process.


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Inventory/Raw Material Management

Larger tech organizations have significantly more buying power and can therefore spend larger amounts of money on...

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Risk Management

After acquisition, the management of risk becomes streamlined across the newly consolidated organization...

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Business Continuity

In the case of an event causing business interruption, having multiple locations spread across various...

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Consolidated Sales & Marketing

The entire sales process is streamlined with assigned pipelines that can be monitored and tracked in dedicated...

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High-Capacity Machinery

Consolidated and synergized organizations can afford high-performing and high-capacity machinery in comparison...

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Improved Employee
Benefits and Talent Retention

As a more robust organization, qualifying full-time employees may be granted medical, dental, life...

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Financing Discounts

Obtaining favorable financing rates and discounts is much more attainable for a larger organization...

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Administrative &
Human Resource Consolidation

Operational departments and various office staff can realize significant synergies from the consolidation of practices...



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