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With a world-class management team and acquisition capital, AccessHeat (AH) is a uniquely positioned consolidation consortium ready to invest in your tech company. As a tech consolidation firm, we look for organizations that are working to push the limits and move into a space of exponential growth through the blending and reorganization of existing operations of the same business type. Our proven methodology focuses on producing financially robust outcomes for all parties involved in the consolidation process.  Business owners who are looking for a profitable handoff and equitable transfer of ownership find peace of mind with our consultative methodology, knowing that the business they spent generations tirelessly building from the ground up is being moved to experienced and capable hands. Our strategic investment strategy makes us different than Private Equity Firms or Venture Capital Firms. We work to restructure and optimize all the components of your business that offer an opportunity for increased profitability various synergies.

In recent years, the tech industry has seen an unprecedented number of mergers and acquisition transactions. With the demand for better technology adaptation across many industries and the consolidation of administrative functions, there has been no better time to find existing synergies within your organization and position it for growth. The uncertainty and volatility of the marketplace are not favorable to unconsolidated business entities operating on their own with management running most aspects of the operation. Having the backing of a large and combined powerhouse will ensure your business will weather the economic storms and have the capital to support operations through the various business cycles.

Seasoned business owners on the horizon of retirement have taken note of the benefits this could offer as they enter the planning stage of their exit. With children who were once set to take over the family business now seeking professional careers of their own. Our consultative approach encourages you to remain active as a senior member of the leadership team while the transition commences. We will value your input as we believe that nobody knows your business better than you. Remaining on board after acquisition also assists with employee morale and the management of any concerns of job security from the current tenured staff regarding the merger.

Not only will your input help to shape the new organization but it will also serve as a reminder to the staff that we are aware of their contributions to the organizations and that they are each valued and needed for their unique skills and talents.

Upon acquisition, your business will be transitioned under the guidance of the some of the industry’s top CEOS and Executives. Our board of experts comes from some of the industry’s biggest and most profitable organizations such as Parker Hannifin, Johnson Controls, General Electric, Nasdaq, HSBC. Our team has been able to streamline and identify exponential savings across entire organizations of varying sizes and are among the best in the entire industry. Optimized business areas that have undergone consolidation enjoy several organizational benefits and efficiencies. While the possibilities for growth are observable in all aspects, there are some areas that most noticeable on the bottom line and provide proof that a consolidation can be beneficial.

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