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Electrical Contractor

The electrical contracting industry is ever-evolving. With businesses and homes becoming more integrated, the need to provide services beyond the methods of conventional power and electric work has expanded. As with any expanding role, there is also an expectation of increased efficiency and output. Most small and family-owned electrical contracting companies simply do not have the means to produce on a large scale. While these small businesses may have the depth of knowledge, they lack additional capital and process implementation.

This environment creates a perfect opportunity for consolidation and tremendous growth.

In the industry, as we know it today, electrical contractors are in a position where they have an unprecedented opportunity to grow and develop. This evolvement has shifted the market to a fragmented state and, as a result, has favorably caught the interest of Wall Street and private investors. Through investment funding, electrical contractors who have consolidated have seen an increased scope of service offerings, better contract management, a more definitive marketing strategy, the ability to shift with emerging trends, and better overall customer service.

The management of mergers and acquisitions in the electrical contracting industry is a highly specialized process. Our investment approach will iron out all the details of the consolidation and transfer. Where does your firm fall on the salability scale? What are your financial expectations? Does your company have any systems or processes it currently utilizes? A clear picture of where companies overlap and a view of where gaps exist is pivotal to the success of our process. We understand both buyer and seller strategy and believe it to be an essential skill needed to manage the complexity of any acquisition. At AccessHeat, our investment and planning methodology will keep you involved and active throughout the entire process. We will work with you to utilize your company’s unique set of attributes and ownership objectives throughout the entire process to ensure a smooth transition into our investment firm.

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