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Engineering / Construction

The machine shop and electronic manufacturing industry are complex and multi-faceted. With many machine shop owners preparing for retirement, they often find that there is no succession plan in place due to children who prefer to seek independent careers. Because of this, business succession planning becomes a problem many owners face. Operating a machine shop of any kind involves a high level of skill and experience coupled with the need to regularly make large purchases of stock and equipment.

A solution to this dilemma is often found through consolidation of operations with other businesses or investment from an outside investor. Among their many benefits, consolidations provide greater stock purchasing power, which is particularly helpful when raw materials are involved. They also present the opportunity to expand capabilities and service areas of coverage when multiple locations are involved in the consolidation. This has been shown to effectively reduce costs from an operational perspective as well as from the customer perspective.

Are you in the process of planning to transfer ownership of your business and looking for an investor? AccessHeat has the experienced staff in place to seamlessly handle all the big and small aspects of the process with the implementation of strategic investments into your business. We take a top to bottom approach in assisting you with transitioning all the elements of your business over to our experts who will work with you to obtain a profitable exit and a successful handover.

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